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Sign in to wikis by wetpaint Internet Explorer 6.0 is not supported. Please try IE 8 or Firefox . Wellness Positive aspects of catnip Home Discussions Photos Videos News Updates Members Sign in or Welcome! This is a website that everyone can build together. It’s easy! EasyEdit Report page Share this Wellness Positive aspects of Catnip Home Later North American folk medicine records catnip’s use in treating illnesses such as chicken pox, nettle rash, poison ivy, and urinary incontinence. Catnip is high in iron, selenium, potassium, manganese, vitamin A, and vitamin C. Catnip’s tendencies to both stimulate sweat devoid of raising physique temperature and to induce sleep also created it an ideal early remedy for colds, flu, and fever. This creates a mild tranquilizing or sedative effect in most humans. The principal constituent of catnip is thought to be nepatalactone, which is a volatile oil equivalent to that identified in valerian root. Some feel it was also used to provoke menstruation in a kind of early abortion. Catnip also consists of moderate quantities of magnesium and phosphorus, as properly as tiny quantities of calcium, sodium, and some B-complicated. catnip An 1847 Pennsylvania document describes catnip as getting “highly popular among the excellent ladies who deal in simples.” The leaves are grayish-green, heart-shaped, and downy. Seventeenth-century herbalist Nicholas Culpeper advised catnip for the remedy of bruises, piles, and head scabs. The flowers are whitish-pink with purple spots. Although the aromatic leaves induce a euphoric response in cats, humans widely use catnip as a sleep help. Even so, pregnant ladies must not use catnip unless advised to do so by their healthcare practitioner, as the herb can function as a uterine stimulant. Different indigenous North American tribes also began to use dandelion as a remedy for every little thing from diarrhea to pneumonia. The English settlers brought catnip to North America, exactly where its medicinal utilizes had been promoted by the Shakers. At that time, the dandelion root was believed to induce fierceness and hotheadedness. The name Nepeta is believed to have been derived from the Roman town Nepeti, where catnip was the moment cultivated. Herbalists also know catnip by its Latin name Nepeta cataria. myronbschroed Latest page update: made by myronbschroed , Apr 19 2011, 2:28 AM EDT ( about this update About This Update Edited by myronbschroed 306 words added view changes – complete history ) Keyword tags: None More Info: links to this page Share this Threads for this page Post a new thread There are no threads for this page. Be the first to start a new thread. JavaScript must be enabled in order for you to contribute to this site. To start contributing, enable JavaScript by changing your browser options, then try again . Home new page (Uncategorized) start a free website Contact Us Help Sitemap Privacy Terms of Service Featured Sites: Glee American Idol The Bachelor Pretty Little Liars The Vampire Diaries Gossip Girl Grey’s Anatomy Bones The Bachelorette Real Housewives of Beverly Hills America’s Next Top Model Real Housewives of Atlanta Jersey Shore Kourtney & Kim Take New York Dancing With the Stars

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