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Accounting Marketer Claims Search Engine Expertise

Flashpoint Marketing, a marketing and lead generation firm serving the accounting profession, said its principal, Brian Swanson, has obtained certification by the Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization in search engine marketing. (1 day ago)

Seo Not Working For You? Here’s Why.

There are a lot of posts out there attempting to give search engine optimization a bad rap. Posts that declare SEO is dead, that it’s a scam or that it’s made up of equal parts black magic and bad intentions. (14 hours ago)

New tools offers more search control to businesses

In the world of search marketing many businesses fall short, not for lack of trying but for lack of time and a lack of understanding. A new tool, Linkdex, may make it simpler for all sizes of businesses to compete in the land of search. (3 hours ago)

Spamgrish 2: Return of the ambiguous spam comments!

Take a few minutes to sit back and chuckle at 20 ridiculous English aberrations people have tried to pass as genuine blog comments. This is Spamgrish at its finest, folks! (9 hours ago)

Experts say SEO increases online traffic

The Northwest Houston area is full of a small and medium sized businesses competing for a piece of the consumer market pie, locally and beyond. (14 hours ago)

The Top 5 Google Operators Every Seo Should Know

If you’re an SEO or interested in SEO-related endeavors for your site, these search engine operators will take you a long way in gathering “intel” about a site! (14 hours ago)

Effective Free Link Building Strategies

Backlinks are one of the most important factors to consider when you are trying to get a good rank in search engines for your blog or web site. Backlinks are often called Seo fuel and they are the most important off si te optimization methods. (6 hours ago)

A Plea To Make Your Links More User Friendly

Have you noticed that it’s harder to find critical contact information these days? If you have a question about an online order, finding a phone number so that you can speak to an actual person is a nightmare at times. (7 hours ago)

Seo For A Good Cause: Supporting Advocacy & Non-profit Campaigns

Not every SEO campaign starts and ends with a P&L statement. An increasing number of political campaigns, advocacy groups, and nonprofits are using search engine marketing to achieve their goals. (23 hours ago)

Two Simple Productivity Tools Help Speed Link Building Process

With the wide variety of tools, tactics, techniques and strategies in use today by link builders, sometimes the best advice involves the simplest of things. (7 hours ago)