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Another Company Outed for Paid Links: Sequoia-Backed Milanoo

A story on TechCrunch today notes that a Sequoia-based shopping site called Milanoo appears to be spamming Google with hoards of paid links that are helping them rank for things like [cheap dresses] and [evening gown]. (18 hours ago)

SearchMarketMe Welcomes 97th Online Marketing Agency Owner to Worldwide Business Opportunity Network

With existing experience in e-commerce and a clear understanding of the global shift that is occurring toward online marketing, Dean Hawker has wanted to operate his own online marketing agency – not a franchise – for some time. (15 hours ago)

Build , but don’t fell the trees!

Which type of real estate in Bangkok supports the greatest number of big trees? Public parks, temple grounds or private residences? (3 hours ago)

Webfor Launches Internet Marketing Strategy for 99th St. Chiropractic Clinic

Portland, Oregon, SEO firm develops web strategy to focus 99th St. Chiropractic Clinic’s message of pain relief and putting patients on the path to wellness. Read the full story at (2 hours ago)

Crexendo Thrusts Students Into Real-world E-commerce

University students who entered a website contest got more than they bargained for. With Crexendo’s tools and training, students are starting businesses before graduation. But it’s the variety of those businesses that boggles the mind. (23 hours ago)

How To Scale B2b Link Building Across An Organization

B2B search engine marketers understand the value of inbound links but may struggle with execution. With an ever increasing plate of responsibility, emerging search industry trends, and the balance between short-term and long-term goals, it is easy to let a link building program fall to the wayside. (11 hours ago)

Man trapped after scaffolding collapses

UPDATE 1.35pm: A MAN was thrown off scaffolding and trapped under part of a steel cage after a workplace accident in Frankston this morning. (18 hours ago)

Pandia Search Engine Marketing Wrap-up April 17

Pandia reads the search engine marketing news for you. Here is this week’s selection. (18 hours ago)

Are You Giving Google A Reason To Wife Up?

During my last trip home to see my father, he told me he had an important question to ask. As he had just undergone major surgery, my ears perked up wondering what was going to come out of his mouth. Surely, it would be something of great importance. (1 day ago)

Amber Mac to Share Social Media Tips and Tactics during Opening Keynote Address at SES Toronto Conference

TORONTO—-Amber Mac, well known Canadian journalist and author, will present keynote address at SES Toronto, April 13, 2011 (3 hours ago)