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Hot At Sphinn: How To Avoid Social Media Time Sink, Google Seo Tips & More

There are still several good discussions from last week happening over on our sister site, Sphinn. SEO pricing, fixing broken links for SEO, and the social media time sink were all hot topics among commenters. (11 hours ago)

Facebook Steps Up Acquisitions Like Big 3

After Apple, Microsoft and Google stepped up their acquisition,could Facebook be left behind. Doubles acquistion target this year. (1 day ago)

New iPhone App from Helps Identify Childhood Infections, the largest provider of online and video content about children’s health and development, announced the launch of its new iPhone app for parents called Is It Contagious. (3 hours ago)

Mormons winning on the web

Try this. Type church,? Old Testament? or even friend? into Google, and the website of the LDS church, the Mormons, pops up near the top of the list. . (24 hours ago)

Interactive Marketing Agency Ozone Online Chooses Covario Organic Search Insight to Support Its Global SEO Client Base

Multi-Language Capability Key to Selecting the Automation Solution for SEO Reporting, Auditing and Actionable Recommendations (1 day ago)

New charter school seeks support

If you could have any class you wanted created for you, what would it be? (11 hours ago)

How To Use Mobile To Broaden Your Seo Campaign

Admittedly, I’ve been a little negative about mobile SEO? in my last few posts, but that’s only because I believe mobile SEO? really shouldn’t be seen as a separate product, just another channel to assist your SEO strategy. (2 hours ago)

Is Your Hotel Prepared for Google+?

In a little over two weeks Google+ reached 10 million registered users a feat that took Twitter and Facebook over two years to achieve. (31 mins ago)

Is Randi’s Idea Bigger than Facebook?

Did Randi Zuckerberg leave Facebook to start a rival network or create an independant and important ally of FB in the field of visual media (9 hours ago)

Hot At Sphinn: Google Panda 6 Months Later, 17-year-old Search Inventor & More

It’s been about six months since Google rolled out the first Panda update to its ranking algorithm and Panda has since gone through at least three updates that we know of. Have we learned anything in that six month period? (21 hours ago)