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Twitter Follows Google, To Adhere To Local Laws To Protect Biz

Last week Twitter was at the receiving end of angry tweets for saying that it would accept selective censorship as per local laws of different nations.

4+ Recommendations To Enhance B2b Seo Initiatives

The start of the new year is the ideal time for B2B search engine marketers to reassess website strategy and determine where enhancements could be made to benefit SEO visibility.

Groupon is a Cyborg claims Mason

Groupon is a Cyborg claimed Andrew Mason in a freewheeling onstage interview with Techonomy’s David Kirkpatrick at the annual Munich DLD Conference . It is not a Tech company alone, but one that has substantial human interface, as complex as the sphinx or unicorn of yesteryears.

Is Your Link Strategy Selfish?

The pursuit of links is far too often a highly selfish process. It’s all about your target keywords, your business model, and your rankings. Getting over your selfish goals and thinking about what others want is where actual innovation comes from.

Top five KPIs for SEO campaigns

Throughout an SEO project there are many different ways to measure performance, but which is the most important?

Search Rankings are Dead: Long Live Search Placements

It’s a new year. Somebody needs to declare something dead. Recently, I gave a presentation on Google’s Search+ in which I said ranking reports no longer matter because there is no such thing as consistent Google rankings.

Turning clicks into customers: Rogers launches full service online marketing for local business

Turning clicks into customers: Rogers launches full service online marketing for local business

5 Tips For Optimal Mobile Site Indexing

It’s probably a sign of the times, but lately I have been fielding a lot of questions regarding SEO for mobile websites. Because there are so many ways to build a mobile site and because there are such a variety of mobile devices, one area that really piques my interest is mobile site indexing.

PPC Firm Clix Marketing Creates Strategic Partnership with SEO Firm Brick Marketing to Help SEM Clients

BOSTON—-Clix Marketing and Brick Marketing announce a partnership, where by Clix Marketing will refer SEO clients to Brick Marketing, and Brick Marketing will refer PPC clients to Clix Marketing.

Super Affiliate Masterclass Course By James Schramko And Andy Grand Now Available

Super affiliates James Schramko and Andy Grand released a recording of their highly successful Super Affiliate Masterclass Course. Access now available at