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IWK cancels surgeries after power outage

The IWK Health Centre was forced to cancel elective surgeries and non-urgent appointments after a power loss and generator failure on Wednesday.

6 Things To Think About Before Disavowing Links

Earlier this month, Christmas came early for many in the SEO industry. Google launched its wildly anticipated disavow links tool bringing with it a way for you to remove some of those shady things you your former SEO company have done.

How to Update Your Keyword Research Process for 2013 & Beyond

Quantify the business impact, keep a pulse on mobile, monitor social platforms, and be competitive. Incorporate these principles into your keyword research process and you'll position your SEO campaigns for sustained revenue and customer acquisition.

Crexendo Announces Suspension of Dividend

PHOENIX, AZ–(Marketwire – Oct 24, 2012) – Crexendo, Inc. , a hosted services company that provides e-commerce software, website development, web hosting, search engine optimization, link building, hosted telecommunication services and broadband internet for businesses and entrepreneurs, today reported suspension of its quarterly dividend program.

Webcast: Link Building Demystified Ask the experts LIVE!

Webcast October 25, 2012 1PM EST Inbound links are paramount to getting top search engine rankings. But how do you go about getting those links? And what’s more important, quantity or quality?

Crexendo Names Director of Dealer Sales

PHOENIX, AZ–(Marketwire – Oct 19, 2012) – Crexendo, Inc. today announced it is establishing its Web Services and Telecom Services Dealer Programs and has named Brian Miller as its new Director of Dealer Sales.

Will Google’s Link Disavow Tool Come Back To Haunt Webmasters?

Back in June, during the height of the Penguin update freakout, Google’s Matt Cutts hinted that Google would launch a link disavow? tool, so that webmasters can tell Google the backlinks they want Google to ignore. This means links from

6 Underrated Content Marketing Assets For B2b Seo

One of the biggest obstacles to B2B search engine optimization is developing new content marketing assets for targeting important keywords and acquiring link assets.

Ex-googler: To Please Google With Your Seo, Forget About Seo?

It’s not everyday you get to hear from someone that’s worked on Google’s Search Quality/Webspam team and isn’t named Matt Cutts.

A Cure For the C.O.L.D.

Working in the search industry, it's all too easy to think you're somehow falling behind if you aren’t on the bleeding edge 24/7. Here are three suggestions to help you handle the many distractions and potential distractions and get some work done.