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Fiscal Cliff Drama Heightened with the Business Roundtable Letter, Stated WSJ XSM Launch Web Development Packages

Tax hikes left small businesses in deep water while larger corporations enjoyed lower taxes. Cost-cutting practices may have to be adopted such as substituting web marketing with mass media marketing on

5 Trends Shaping SEO & Content Marketing in 2013

The Mayan calendar ended this month. Contrary to the predictions,? it wasn’t the end of the world, just the end of Mayan content. To avoid having your company come up short on content, let’s look at the history of web content and trends for 2013.

Five Linking Myths That Need To Go Away In 2013

Goodbye 2012, hello 2013. For my last column of the year, I’m selecting five link building myths that I hope go away completely in 2013, and giving my rationale as to why they should be gone.

Christmas in Orange; 1903

By 1903, Orange had been an established town for about 45 years.

Kantar Media Acquires Adgooroo

NEW YORK—-Kantar Media, a unit of Kantar, a leading information, insight and consultancy group that is part of WPP, has acquired AdGooroo, a leading provider of global digital media intelligence.

Nokia plots comeback with Windows 8

With the China mobile tie up Nokia who is is still the global market leader , breathes a sigh of relief from the onslaught by smartphone majors Apple and Google

10 Ways to Increase the Odds of Getting Editorial Links

Editorial links, just like editorial coverage can't be guaranteed. However, follow these suggestions and you'll maximize your chances of success.

Insiders Guide To Selecting The Right Local Seo Tools

Last week’s announcement by Raven tools that they would remove all scraped data? (e.g., ranking reports) from their toolkit came as an unwelcome surprise to many of their customers.

Hot & Cold Trends In Search Going Into 2013

The end of the year in any industry marks a good opportunity to look back on the year and reflect on changes.

Relief as hotel work begins

WORK has begun to convert a derelict seafront hotel into luxury apartments.