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Matt Cutts on Links & How to Succeed With Content Marketing

In a newly published interview with Eric Enge, Google’s Matt Cutts chats about several aspects of marketing, and link building was front and center. Here are some emerging themes of that discussion, key takeaways, and what it all means to marketers.

Why Links Remain Critical to SEO Success

Google is now advising webmasters to focus on creating high-quality sites rather than building links. So link building is dead or dying now, right? Wrong! Link building is getting harder, but it’s still alive and kicking, and here’s why.

Link building: Are you at risk?

The key difference between Link building and most other marketing activities, is that it carries a risk of permanently negatively affecting the brand to a point that it may be irreparable.

11 Things We Should Never Ever Do In Link Building Again

Okay friends, we need to have a little talk. I am frustrated. All of us Link Week columnists genuinely care about giving away good (and free, I might add) information on how to do link building the right way.