Matt Cutts on Links & How to Succeed With Content Marketing

In a newly published interview with Eric Enge, Google’s Matt Cutts chats about several aspects of marketing, and link building was front and center. Here are some emerging themes of that discussion, key takeaways, and what it all means to marketers.

Why Links Remain Critical to SEO Success

Google is now advising webmasters to focus on creating high-quality sites rather than building links. So link building is dead or dying now, right? Wrong! Link building is getting harder, but it’s still alive and kicking, and here’s why.

Link building: Are you at risk?

The key difference between Link building and most other marketing activities, is that it carries a risk of permanently negatively affecting the brand to a point that it may be irreparable.

11 Things We Should Never Ever Do In Link Building Again

Okay friends, we need to have a little talk. I am frustrated. All of us Link Week columnists genuinely care about giving away good (and free, I might add) information on how to do link building the right way.

Well-Timed Link Building: How to Capitalize on Popular Topics

Timing is crucial for popular topics with a predictable life cycle, and will make your link building efforts much more effective. Here’s how to tune your content to attract links during all the separate phases of the life cycle of your products.

3 Principles Of Future-focused, No-surprise Link Building

Link building doesn’t really fit the mold with the rest of the online marketing world. It’s unique and always changing. Even after trying to understand it, most marketers still don’t get it, and many SEO agencies don’t even want to touch it.

Is Link Building Dead? 3 Tips For Link Builders Post-penguin 2.0

We’ve detected that some of the links pointing to your site are using techniques outside Google’s Webmaster Guidelines?.? For enterprise SEOs, receipt of this notification is usually followed by a deep, sinking feeling in your chest.

Local Link Building: An Easy Win

Local link building is often overlooked within link building campaigns. Here’s how to optimize links for local search by building great national industry links using geo-specific anchor text, and building great links from local authorities.

Link Building & The Power Of The Customer

With the growth of social networks and the ability to instantly tell the world how you’re feeling, we’ve watched power shift from brands to consumers. No longer can companies simply rely on their marketing to do the talking they now have to rely on what their customers are saying. Why?

3 Ways To Break The Link Building Block

We’ve all been there that moment in any link building campaign where you hit a wall. There are so many things that you want to do, but there is so little time or buy-in to do them that you settle on just doing the things you need to do.