Could You Be Duplicating Content?

As we know, Google focuses on quality content as opposed to the quantity of content for ranking purposes. Part of what conveys quality to the search engines is originality.

How 5 Years Of Doing The Right Things Can Be Undone In 9 Months Of Doing Nothing

We’ve all seen those one-and-done link building campaigns. Maybe even some of us have had clients push for them. They never work. It’s like Matthew McConaughey’s abs.

Google’s Cutts On How To Locate Unnatural Links Pointing To Your Web Site

Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, released a video today explaining how a webmaster can location which links pointing to their web site is unnatural.?

10 Common Link Building Problems

For a long time publishers viewed link building as a practice that stood on its own. The purpose was to get links to drive search rankings. As a result, these 10 issues have caused sites to be hit by link penalties or algorithms like Google Penguin.

Building an Effective Link Profile

Links that are tightly related to a keyword combination have a much stronger effect on its ranking. Their effect isn't broad and your site needs links in various degrees of relevance. Here's how to build a link profile to stand the test of time?

Yahoo Reached Agreement to Serve Google Ads

After many failed negotiations between Google and Yahoo, Google finally reached an agreement with Yahoo to serve its Adsense and Google AdMob for mobile on Yahoo’s network.

How Facebook Made Me Search In Strange New Ways

Have you ever though to yourself, I wonder who I know that has gone skydiving, lived in France, eats Chinese food, while mixing a smoothie with their new Ninja NJ600 Blender??

Link Audit Diagnosis Tips

Auditing a link profile is more than backlinks and referring domains. If you only scratch the surface, the result will be tragic. There are many metrics to account for when researching the reason for declining traffic and unnatural link warnings.

Seo Smackdown Round 2: Old Vs. New Search Engine Optimization

A good way to solve problems is to start with the big picture? [because if you don't understand the big picture] you may solve the wrong problem, or might not explore other’possibly better’answers.

4 Seo Tasks Small Businesses Must Do Every Month

Many small business websites do on-site SEO poorly or not at all, which means less rankings, search traffics, potential customers, and business. These steps will start you on a path toward regular, high-quality, content creation and promotion.