Hot & Cold Trends In Search Going Into 2013

The end of the year in any industry marks a good opportunity to look back on the year and reflect on changes.

Hot At Sphinn: Too Much Search Traffic, Web Designers Vs. Web Developers & More

Can you have too much search traffic? The first answer that probably comes to mind is no,? but what about when search represents 70% 80% or even a higher percentage of a website’s overall traffic?

Hot At Sphinn: Google Panda 6 Months Later, 17-year-old Search Inventor & More

It’s been about six months since Google rolled out the first Panda update to its ranking algorithm and Panda has since gone through at least three updates that we know of. Have we learned anything in that six month period? (21 hours ago)

Hot At Sphinn: Social Signals Improving Search Results, Twitter Trending Topics, Periodic Table Of Seo & More

The combination of search and social seemed to dominate last week’s activity on our sister site, Sphinn. Several active discussions and popular Twitter/Facebook stories were about various search, social and SEO topics. (5 hours ago)

Hot At Sphinn: Google Vs. Bing, Affiliate Review Sites & More

If you guessed that last week’s Google vs. Bing copycat? saga was the main discussion topic on Sphinn, you’re right. (54 mins ago)